How does it work? 3 simple steps...

Bugscore 360 is a web-based software that allows your school or university's students and teachers to score each other in real-time. These scores are given on a range of attributes that are tailored by you, to your institution's values and KPIs. Therefore, each student and teacher have a Personal ScoreCard (PSC) that details their progress inside their institution and is something they can take with them when moving to another employer. Bugscore 360 is a subscription solution, either hosted on our servers or yours. The system is unlike any other 360-degree-review tool as all reviews happen through out the year, are driven by both students and teachers (including professors and members of the academic management board) and take 90% less time to conduct, when compared to traditional, form-based reviews. Setting up Bugscore 360 is simple and your company can be ready to score in just three simple steps!

1Please get in touch with us to determine the best subscription suited for your organisation here. After confirming your subscription, you will be appointed a dedicated technical representative.
2This technical representative will guide you through the simple process of creating your school or university's structure (i.e departments and/or subsidiaries where applicable) within Bugscore 360 and adding your students, teachers and other professionals to it.
3You are now ready for Bugscore 360 and all the transformational benefits it will bring to student/teacher quality and performance within your institution. Simply inform your students and teachers about the Bugscore 360 platform and the scoring process can commence!