Bugscore 360 comes with the following list of features:

Student and Teacher Scoring Portal

A simple search and score portal which allows those in your institution to immediately give feedback prior to and after interactions with eachother.

Customizable Attributes

You can fully customize the attributes you want the people in your institution to score each other on. Different job roles/titles can be rated on different attributes and the same applies to departments.

Institutional Structure Creator

You can create your institutional structure consisting of departments and subsidiaries/associated bodies and assign students, teachers and other assets in your organization to them. This will allow you to sort and track scores by department.

Real-Time Alert System

You can set alerts to trigger when scores of certain students and teachers, job titles, departments or entire schools and universities fall or rise behind a certain threshold, thus allowing you to identify problems very early in the remedial process.

Student/Teacher Performance Correlation Analysis

Monitor the development of your institution’s people in detail and see the evolution of their perceived strengths and weaknesses in real-time. Also, students and teachers can comment on score-history charts thus being able to correlate actions to changes in scores. This allows you to see what actions may have triggered changes in scores for the individual but also for entire departments and school, university or organization.

Birds Eye View

Monitor the scores of not only individual students or teachers but of entire job title categories and departments and portfolio schools and universities of your organization, globally.

Unique Insights (Gap Analysis)

Identify student and teacher clusters on a range of attributes such as ‘Students with the best or worst attitude', 'Teachers with the most potential', 'Most improved professors', 'Biggest complainers' and many more.

Invite-based Scoring & Stats

If you require scores in a particular part of your department or school, simply initiate an invite-based scoring campaign and monitor participation and completion rates in real-time.

Reports & PDF creation

Create simple or rich and comparative reports on student and teacher quality by job title, department, the entire institution or a range of portfolio institutions.

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